Product of the 80s Fashion Show

The Product of the 80s Fashion Show features an 80s dance party and 80s themed fashion show. As the fashion show director, I teamed up with WLOS News to discuss the event. The event is a benefit for the Asheville Affiliates, a non-profit that plans fundraiser parties for local charities. The Product of the 80s Party is on Thursday, February 21st at 6 pm at Arcade on College Street. The fashion show part of the event features local fashion designers in Asheville, NC, as well as nearly 40 models. Models for the fashion show provide a sneak peak of some of the designs that will be modeled in the show. Special thanks to Brandelyn and Katie from Ananda Hair Salon for styling the models' hair, and to Amber LaSada for the models' makeup. And special thanks to designers Charles Josef, Kristina Benshoff, and Rhetorical Factory for the clothing designs, and to models Chloe Owen, Jessica Lyn, Patrice Wilson, Alisha Jenna, and Bethany Adams.

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