What to Wear This New Year’s Eve

It’s the most festive time of the year and while holiday parties are underway, New Year’s Eve plans are being made. You can kick off a new year, by stepping out in style. This season, holiday and New Year’s Eve looks are all about sparkle and shine. I teamed up with photographer Serenity Beard of Southern Grade Studios, and Gage Talent models, to show examples of perfect New Year’s Eve looks. These styles tips and examples can ensure the perfect look to make a fashion statement at parties and events on New Year’s Eve:

Shimmering Party Dresses

A beautiful, shimmering dress is certain to catch everyone’s eye. For a less formal party, a short cocktail dress is a perfect choice and choosing one with a shimmer or sparkle to it adds a festive vibe. This type of dress can be found at nearly any department store or women’s clothing store. The one we’re showing today is by Forever 21. It’s simple yet stunning. Keep in mind that if you opt for a dress with a lot of sparkle, keep the accessories minimal—you don’t want sparkle overload!

Bold, Festive Colors

Sparkle isn’t for everyone. If sparkly dresses just aren’t your style, a bold color, like red, emerald or royal blue always make a statement. If you choose a solid color dress, sparkly accessories can dress it up and give the look a nice New Year’s Eve feel. The sparkling necklace pictured is available at Sears.

Jump to the New Year with Jumpers

A big style trend this year, jumpers are a wonderful choice for New Year’s Eve. A comfortable one-piece garment, jumpers come in a variety of colors and styles. The one shown here looks like two-pieces but it’s really one, and has a beautiful gold embellishment at the waist. Add a pair of classy heels and sparkling accessories, and it’s a great look for a more casual New Year’s Eve party—plus it’s so comfy! The jumper shown is available at Sears.

Beautiful Embellishments

Whether you choose a top, dress or a jumper, embellishments like lace or silver or gold studs or jewels are a nice touch. Lace was a big trend in 2016 that will carry over to 2017. The dress I’m wearing has this lace collar and top that turns a party dress into a more elegant look and is available at Dillards.

Go Glam with a Gown

Who doesn’t love donning a glamorous gown? A gown might now be appropriate for all parties, but if you’re attending a formal New Year’s Eve event or gala, a gown might just be in order. The Gilded Gown at Knox Center Mall provided two amazing looks for our photos that are great choices for New Year’s Eve. The red dress has head to toe sparkle, while the velvet burgundy dress has more strategically placed sparkle. The Gilded Gown also offers the perfect accessories and clutches or hand bags to complete a lovely, glam look.

All photos today are by Southern Grace studios with Gage Talent models Leslie Truan and Heather Crombie taken at Club LeConte in downtown Knoxville. If you’re looking for a glamorous New Year’s Eve party to attend, Club LeConte has tickets on sale for a five course New Year’s Eve dinner followed by cocktails and dancing. Learn more on their website: http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Club-LeConte

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