Fashion Expert Shares Trends to Start the NewYear

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Soft pastels mixed with a few bright shades will be the key color palate for 2017, according to Sarah Merrell Gage Models & Talent Agency.

Merrell says nude colors, like hazelnut, a beige, and khaki colors, will be prevalent. She says also look for soft colors like pale pinks and powder blues.

She says top colors aren’t just pastels. With a nod to the 80s, Merrel says look for neon shades, fiery orange, bright blue and green and primrose yellow. Blues, in particular, will be top shades this season.

“Floral prints are once again ‘in,’ but this year, florals will be bolder in fun patterns and bright colors,” said Merrell. “This will be seen in dresses, tops and even pants and shorts.”

Stripes are one of the top trends for 2017 and were a highlight at New York Fashion Week, according to Merrell. She says black and white stripes will be the top trend, but stripes can also be fun when pops of color are added in—or take a black and white stripe top and pair it with fiery orange or powder blue shorts.

“As an 80s kid, this is one of my favorite 2017 trends: 80s rocker or glam style. Look for metallic or shiny fabrics, neon colors, tops or dresses with volume or dramatic sleeves. For the rocker look, be on the look out for 80s inspired graphic tees, leather jackets, mini skirts and 80s inspired sneakers. All the Madonna fans out there can recycle their wardrobe,” said Merrell.

As springtime approaches it will mean swimwear shopping—swim suits are already in stores. Merrell says look for swimwear in the top 2017 colors. She says the biggest trend this year is cut-outs.

For more of a look at 2017’s fashion trends, Merrell recommends attending Knoxville Fashion Week February 28 through March 4. Tickets are $45 for General Admission, and $75 for VIP tickets. General Admission 5 day passes for all Runway shows are $195.

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